Let’s do system identification with SMIT!

SMIT (Structural Modal Identification Toolsuite) is an interactive program designed to perform system identification which constructs a numeric model using sensor data. SMIT is customized to identify building and bridge systems for the quality estimation of mode shapes; but it actually is applicable to a wide range of structures if the user focuses only on modal parameters. SMIT is developed in Matlab and can be downloaded for free.


Fig. 1 Welcome window


Key features

The following list outlines the major advantages of using SMIT.


Comprehensive Program

User-Friendly Interface

Wide Range of Identification Methods

Easy Access for Research Purpose

Various Options to Customize Structural Systems

Easily Accessible Database and Data Log

Convenient Comparison of Identification Results

Communication b/w Users and Developers


Latest News

SMIT 1.0 is available!!!

A paper in Journal of Bridge Engineering, describing features and applications of SMIT is now available. The citation information is:

Chang, M., and Pakzad, S.N. (2014). “Observer Kalman filter identification for output-only systems using Interactive Structural Modal Identification Toolsuite”, (ASCE) Journal of Bridge Engineering, Vol. 19(5): 04014002. DOI:10.1061/(ASCE)BE.1943-5592.0000530.






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