What is modal identification?

Modal identification is a process that constructs a numerical model of the monitored system using a set of vibration responses. The healthy state of the given system can be estimated and a monitoring plan can be established based on the information collected in terms of modal parameters.


How does it look like?

Fig. 2 Pre-processing window


Fig. 3 Post-processing window


Why use Structural Modal Identification Toolsuite (SMIT)?

Use SMIT if you want to…

• Plot a stabilization diagram

• Inspect mode shapes and phase angle for each node

• Estimate natural frequency and damping ratio

• Display Power Spectral Density (PSD) of output response


SMIT allows users to…

• Choose between Input/Output and Output-Only systems

• Customize structural geometries

• Compare results from several identification methods

• Apply various filtering methods (or no filtering at all)

• Designate the model order specification of the Hankel matrix

• Limit bounds for frequency, damping ratio, and MAC

• Select which mode shapes they wish to view


SMIT is different from other system identification programs because it…

• Accommodates both Input/Output and Output-Only systems

• Comes with a user-friendly interface

• Requires less computer memory and time to run than similar programs